Coffey Sound Now A Trew Audio Company

I love to add links to this site that prove to be timeless in their use. Today’s addition to this category continues to add true substance that can’t be mimicked by any other audio company available within the Los Angeles area.

Initially, I wanted to add, a great source for anyone internationally as well as locally looking to rent or purchase sound equipment for any level of filming production. Yet, when I went to the site, I was redirected to something even better, a merger that combined Coffey Sound and Trew Audio with Trew Audio becoming the parent company.

In the beginning, I couldn’t lie, I was a bit terrified to see a banner pop up on Coffey’s site explaining a merger with a new name. When I hear of merger I instantly think of the people currently involved with the company losing their position to minimize the amount of people needed on staff for one company; but this is nothing like that.

Trew Audio and Coffey Sound have only merged the online portions of their businesses, which is a plus. It puts Coffey Sound in a network with three other major audio production rental houses spread across the country, allowing both businesses to grow through old fashioned networking. Additionally, if you ever get a chance to go down to Coffey Sound, you get to see the same wonderful faces that know what you need.

Coffey Sound is a great place. They understand your setup, what you need for the duration of your production, your budget, and they accommodate your interests in the best way possible without compromising your wallet. I can’t think of any moment where I walked into their building and felt like a customer. Their personal greetings, memory, and warm offerings transcends a common work environment into something that feels like home. Even when I relocated to the mid-west and occasionally called asking simple questions, they still remembered me by name.

Bottom-line, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re an up and coming utility, boom op, or sound mixer, stop by Coffey Sound and get acquainted with some of the greatest people in this business. If you live in Nashville, Toronto, or Vancouver do the same at those branches with Trew Audio. If you’re not in any of these places but still record sound on set, I would tell you to take a chance and shop from I guarantee you won’t be disappoint. I never was.

To read John Coffey’s letter of notice click here. Otherwise click here for the official Trew Audio website.


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